"2019 General Low Voltage Electrical Industry Conference"on 26 June in Wuxi

With the theme of “Industrial Internet + Innovation-Drive”, this annual meeting invited senior industry experts to conduct in-depth discussions on the development prospect of industrial Internet application trends, and the latest technological developments of low-voltage electrical appliances etc.

Well-known enterprises participating in this annual conference: Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liangxin Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chint Electric 

Co., Ltd., Beijing People's Electric Plant Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hongfa Switch Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Daquan KFINE Electric Co., Ltd., Hangshen Group·Hangzhou Zhijiang Switch Co., Ltd., Suzhou Future Electric Co., Ltd., Jbang Group Co., Ltd., Fatai Electric (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., just to name the best known.