3.26% plus for Solar in 2015

Solar from Kolding, one of Scandinavia’s leading electrical wholesalers, generated a turnover of DKK 10,587 m (EUR 1,419 m) in 2015;.............

which represents an increase of 3.26% against the prior year’s figure of DKK 10,252 m (EUR 1,374 m). Pre-tax profits rose to DKK 201 m (EUR 27 m) Mio. DKK (27 Mio. EUR), compared with a paltry DKK 117 m (EUR 15.7 m) in the prior year. Organic growth rose from 0.4% to 5.2%. There are a total of approx. 2,900 employees on the payroll.

The concept of Fastbox delivery has really taken off in Denmark, so that now it is also being introduced in the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.  Fastbox delivery means that Solar delivers goods within one hour, so that the customer does not waste valuable time collecting goods and in addition does not have to maintain an unnecessarily large inventory. In this way the customers’ productivity and profitability are improved.

With regard to acquisitions Solar definitely has the financial strength to carry them out, but they must generate synergies, with existing customers being offered additional products and services such as in the takeover of MAG45 in Netherlands in February of this year.
MAG45 is domiciled in Eindhoven /NL and is a leading logistics and procurement company in the MRO business.