3M manages growth in all segments and regions

The 3M Group from St. Paul/ Minnesota achieved a turnover amounting to USD 7,578 m (EUR 7,055 m) in the 1st quarter 2015, 2.7% more than in the same period last year (USD 7,381 m/EUR 6,872 m).

Inge G. Thulin, president and CEO, appeared to be satisfied with the business performance, since growth was attained in all business segments and countries, although the strong US dollar had a negative influence on the result in the 1st quarter.

The operating result amounted to USD 1,730 m (EUR 1,611 m), a small rise of just under one per cent compared with last year (USD 1,716 m/EUR 1,598 m). The net result of USD 1,201 m (EUR 1,118) was 2% below that of the 1st quarter 2014.