ABB Austria moves company seat

The Austrian subsidiary of the Swiss electrical firm ABB is moving from Vienna to Wiener Neudorf in Lower Austria, where robot manufacturing is already located with its 40m employees.

The high rental costs in the Business Park Vienna were the main argument against remaining in the capital, but in addition the company has the benefit of an optimal infrastructure in Lower Austria.

At the new location building is proceeding in two stages. The ground will be broken for the first building stage in five months and an investment amount of EUR 6.8 m has been set aside for this. A second extension phase can then follow later, but up until now there are no concrete plans for it.

The completion of the new company complex is planned for the first half of 2017, when 90 people will be employed in the new Austrian headquarters.

ABB Österreich operates mainly in the energy technology and automation sectors, employing about 400 people and making a turnover of EUR 156 m last year.

Since 2009 the chairman of ABB AG Österreich has been Franz Chalupecky, who expects a recovery in the industrial segment this year, but on the other hand does not think that growth will be possible in the energy sector.