ABB: Big chance in Industry 4.0

For Franz Chalupecky, chairman of ABB AG Österreich, Industry 4.0 is a future model in development offering big chances for Europe to win back the leadership in the industrial sector.

At the same time more jobs could be created with Industry 4.0, although before this Chalupecky also demanded that essential investments should be made.

He says that part of this future model is also for instance the two-armed robot YuMi for mounting small components. YuMi stands for ‘you and me – we work together’.

The robot is conceived for a new era in automation in which man and robot work hand in hand at the same tasks – without a dividing safety grid or metal cage.

This means that it is not only an answer to the constantly rising shortage of labour in the electronics industry but also offers better working conditions in final assembly or strenuous tasks.