Affiliated Distributors in 2014

The members of America’s largest purchasing and marketing association Affiliated Distributors (AD) from Wayne/PA, managed to increase its turnover by 9%...........

in the 2014 business year to a total of USD 31.2 bn (EUR 28.8 bn) (across all countries and all AD divisions, including electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, tubes, fittings and building materials).

The electrical division achieved an 8% increase in the USA and 9% in Canada; industry: plus 5%; sanitation: plus 8%; HVAC plus 9%; building materials: plus 16%.

This means that the AD members achieved above-average growth for the sector. In addition 83 new branches were opened, 23 new takeovers effected and 2,180 new employees taken on. 30 new members and 40 new suppliers were won, new programmes and services added, and last, but not least there was expansion into Mexico.

So below the line it was a real record year, as Bill Weisberg, the chairman and CEO of the association declared with satisfaction.