Ahlsell celebrated its 140th birthday with record numbers

Ahlsell, one of the leading technical trading companies in Scandinavia, presented its final figures for 2017.

In the 140th year of its history, it was also possible to present a record result. Sales increased by 11.7% from SEK 24,606 m (EUR 2,437 m) in 2016 to SEK 27,484 m (EUR 2,722 m), while earnings (EBIT) increased by 18.8% to SEK 2,043 m (EUR 202 m). A total of 5,471 people were employed.

Of course, the largest market was Sweden with a turnover of SEK 18,272 m (EUR 1,810 m); this represents 66.5% of total sales. In Norway it was SEK 5,356 m (EUR 530 m); 19.5% of the total, and in Finland it was SEK 3,206 m (EUR 318 m), representing 11.7% of total turnover. The remainder is divided into Denmark, Estonia, Poland and Russia.

Johan Nilsson, President and CEO, says with pride, "our customers value Ahlsell and we make it easier to be professional."