Ahlsell in 2014

Ahlsell, one of the leading technical trading companies in Scandinavia, made a consolidated turnover...........

of SEK 21.78 bn (EUR 2.34 bn) in its 2014 business year, 6.6% more than the prior year’s figure of SEK 20.44 bn/EUR 2.19 bn.

Earnings before interest, taxes and amortization (EBITA) fell slightly in comparison with 2013, by 1.4% to SEK 1.76 bn (EUR 0.19 bn).

Ahlsell belongs to the private investment company CVC Capital Partners and is affiliated to the international purchasing association Imelco.

In the 1st quarter 2015 Ahlsell made a turnover of SEK 5,383 m (EUR 578 m),  3.8% more than in the comaprable period of last year (SEK 5,188 m / EUR 557 m.).