Ahlsell in 2018 and waiting for the 11th of February

Ahlsell, one of the leading technical trading companies in Scandinavia, achieved a turnover of SEK 31,291 m..........

in 2018 ( 3 bn EUR); this is an increase of 13.9% compared to the previous year. The operating profit (EBIT) amounted to SEK 2,138 m (208 m EUR), again an increase over the last year (+ 4.7%). Profit after tax increased by 10.8% to SEK 1,582 m (154 m EUR).

Good market conditions contributed to sales growth in the final quarter of the year with their existing customers, but also with new customers, who could be gained through the completed takeovers (in 2018, 8 acquisitions could be made).

The President, Johan Nilsson, continues to expect good demand and growth in 2019, albeit at a slightly lower level than in recent years.

An important day for Ahlsell will be the 11th of February, when Quimper's acceptance period expires. Quimper has offered to buy all Ahlsell shares for a maximum price of 55 SEK = 5.36 EUR / share. (See our news dated 11.12.2018).