Ahlsell with sales increases in 2017

Ahlsell, one of the leading technical trading companies in Scandinavia, increased its sales in 2017.........

by 11.7% from SEK 24,606 m (EUR 2,506 m) to SEK 27,484 m (EUR 2,799 m). EBIT increased by 18.8% to SEK 2,043 m (EUR 208 m). Profit after tax increased by 317.5% from SEK 342 m (EUR 35 m) to SEK 1,428 m (EUR 145 m).

Ahlsell was extremely satisfied with the past year; in total, 13 new branches in their 3 country groups were acquired and opened with sales of more than SEK 1,450 m (EUR 148 m).

For the full year 2018, the positive business is expected to continue.