Busch-Jaeger numbers among Germany’s most adaptable technology brands

The latest study by the Nuremberg consulting company Brand-Trust sees the market leader in electrical installation technology from Lüdenscheid...........

right at the top in 3rd place – just behind Miele (Gütersloh) and Brose (Coburg). Industry giants like Bosch (7th place) and Siemens (9th place) were lagging far behind in the middle ranks.

For the first time Brand-Trust has investigated the adaptability and versatility of German technology brands in its study. Criteria such as turnover and image did not play any part in this investigation, but indicators like recommendation and sustainability.

One of the elementary success criteria for adaptable companies counted by Jürgen Gietl, the author of the study, is a strong brand personality. He says this makes a significant contribution to the stability of a technology company by raising market entry barriers and binding customers.

Furthermore Gietl has determined that the best companies “think less in terms of individual products but rather of complete systems”, such as the electrical installation specialist Busch-Jaeger, for example.