Car salesman to help Rexel

Yet again a personnel decision by Rexel which is hard to understand. People are repeatedly being hired who have top references but are not from the trade.

François Thuilleur, from Renault, is coming to Rexel on 1st February as Group Senior Vice President Marketing, Digital and Operations. To make way for him two experts, Pascal Martin and Peter Hakanson, have to go.

This is the step that is planned to build up a customer-centric strategy !!! 

For years now personnel decisions at Rexel have tended to be unfortunate, experts are dismissed and new people brought in who often have to learn the ropes first. But in the end the result of these staffing shuffles is well known; because of poor results Rexel is having to sell more and more national activities. This is not what we understand by continuity and success.

Really chairman Rudy Provoost ought to know better (he was once at Whirlpool and 11 years at Philips), but hence there are other internationally oriented groups into whose hands the developments at Rexel are certainly playing and who do not make such technical mistakes.