Cordless Alliance founded with new battery technology

A group of nine German manufacturers of power tools, namely Collomix, Eibenstock, Eisenbatter, Haaga, Mafell, Metabo, ............

Rothenberger, Starmix, Steinel founded a battery alliance under the name of CAS (Cordless Alliance System). Leading the way is the battery technology of Metabo from Nürtingen.

The fact that some of the companies are also competitors is not seen as a problem, as the overlaps are minimal and the products of the other partners are sometimes sold through completely different channels.

An alliance of this kind is unique and should continue to grow in the future with smaller and larger companies who cannot afford the enormous costs of battery development.

It also has great advantages for the craftsmen; they prefer to work with their power tools wirelessly and without cable clutter on the construction site and they do not need to carry different batteries and chargers with them.

It is already spoken of the "wireless construction site". It will not be that fast, but the alliance will grow because it only offers benefits at all levels.