Electrical industry continues with plus

According to the ZVEI, exports of the German electrical industry rose by 3.8% in April 2019 compared with the previous year to 16.8 bn EUR, whereby deliveries to the individual countries must be differentiated. For the entire period from January to April, exports stood at 71.5 bn EUR, and exceeded last year by 5.3%.

Imports of electrical products to Germany increased more than exports. Between January and April, they increased by 6.8% to 65.1 bn EUR.

From January to April, exports to the industrial countries increased by 5.3% to 46.5 bn EUR, while those in the euro area increased by 6.1% to 23.5 bn EUR.

Exports to China increased by 9.1% over the previous year to 1.8 bn EUR. Business with Russia increased 10.1% to 354 m EUR.