Electrical items delivered by drones ?

A few days ago Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, who introduced the topic of drones for the first time in 2013, presented the latest generation of aircraft.

Amazon’s latest marvel, called Prime Air, looks like a small aeroplane, can take off and land vertically and flies at a height of approx. 120 metres. This means that in selected regions goods can be delivered within 30 minutes.

The US air regulatory authority FAA is still displaying caution when it comes to the commercial use of small drones. It is only since March 2015 that Amazon’s drones have been allowed to be tested in the open. Critics have warned of the danger of crashes because of bad weather conditions and chaos in the air if too many delivery drones are underway without coordination.

Even now Amazon is working on drones for various environments and ranges of application and future models will also be able to avoid moving objects thanks to sensors.

The future could be that it will not be a postman bringing the parcel but a drone.

It is still not clear when it will come to drones bringing electrical items to building sites, but it is clear that this will be the case in a few years.

Now there are other international companies working on the topic of delivery by drones, such as e.g. the German Post office and UPS.

You can watch a promotional video on Amazon’s latest drone under www.youtube.com/watch?v=98BIu9dpwHU.