Electricians in great demand

On 17th October we reported an extract from “State of the industry”, published by Klein Tools from the USA, which was about a shortage of specialists. Now a new survey has been published which we find interesting and would like to share with you.

This new survey is about the question of how and how far technical progress is influencing electricians’ jobs. To say at the very outset: electricians are in great demand and not very worried about new technologies endangering their jobs.

42% of electricians have more work than a year ago, which represents a distinct increase compared to the last few years; in 2015 this figure was only 23%, and had already grown to 32% in 2016. In 2017 work has increased greatly, especially in residential construction, office buildings and upgrading homes.

“It is no surprise that there is high demand for skilled electricians in the residential and commercial space. Given the growing shortage of skilled trade professionals, we expect that demand to continue to rise. High-tech installations in the housing and commercial construction will only continue to increase, and if we cannot fill these positions with skilled workers, businesses and home owners will see more delayed projects and higher home prices,” says Mark Klein, co-president of the company.

As high-tech installations become more and more popular, this year’s survey has shown that electricians are less concerned about their job security. Less than a fifth of the electricians are worried about losing their jobs because of the increase in technology.

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