Emerson with new CEO from October 1st onwards

Edward Monser, the current President, retires at the end of September after serving 37 years. Monser joined as an engineer.........

in 1981 to Emerson in Rosemount and has completed many areas at Emerson and has been instrumental in various committees before being appointed President of the Company in 2010.

His successor will be Michael Train, who has been with Emerson for 27 years and was mainly responsible for the company in the Asian-Pacific area. Since 2016, he has been responsible for the "Automation Solutions" division and now assumes the office of CEO and President.

We reported on Emerson in April when the acquisition of Greenlee and Klauke became known. At the end of the year, Emerson was on everyone's lips as they were eager to take over Rockwell Automation, but Rockwell remained firm (we talked about it on electro-insider).