End-of-year business for Sonepar

Four firms at once joined Sonepar in Asia in the last few days of 2014, not only bringing in an additional EUR 23 m in turnover and ........

67 more employees, but much more, enabling Sonepar to strengthen its position substantially in the markets in Hong Kong and Macau as well as in the South-East Asian oil and gas business in general.

In Hong Kong and Macau Sonepar’s subsidiary Supermoon is taking over two companies, Hip Tung Cables and Min Kwong Electric. Hip Tung Cables made a turnover of more than EUR 11 m in 2013, while Min Kwong Electric generated about EUR 3 m.

In Singapore ETS-Oakwell, another company which belongs to Sonepar, has taken over the firm Dilon, which specializes in the oil and gas business and makes a turnover of EUR 3 m. ETS-Oakwell is a joint venture belonging to ETS Engineering, ETS Provider and Oakwell, makes an annual turnover of EUR 6 m and is based in Bangkok.

This means that in 190 business units in 41 countries Sonepar employs about 36,000 people. In 2013 the group turned over approx. EUR 16 bn.