ETIM used more and more

Even at a national level inputting products from manufacturer A at wholesaler B can be costly and time-consuming. With ETIM, the classification model for the electrical industry, practically any article can be described exactly and unambiguously.

Because setting up and specifying the catalogue basis are the same, there is no need for all the data formatting and adaptations which have been necessary up to now and are as a rule time-consuming. The result is quick and trouble-free data exchange between manufacturers and dealers.

Naturally, the story gets really interesting at international level. Here as well ETIM allows all the relevant information to be distributed in all the supported languages and above all to be inputted without any problems into the systems of the respective distribution partner on the spot.

Thus it is not surprising that ETIM is also increasingly gaining in international currency. Last year, thanks to the two new partner countries of Denmark and Norway, the number of members could be extended to 11. In 2015 Finland will be added. Other interested countries are Russia, the Czech Republic and Italy, and in addition intensive talks are being held with IDEA (USA/Canada) on the further development of the cooperation in North America.

The make-up of ETIM’s executive committee is correspondingly international. Replacing B. Hogborn (Sweden), who has stepped down for reasons of age, his Swedish successor S. Skoklund and in addition D. Boucard for France were elected to the management board at the annual general meeting in June 2014. The office of president is held by Franz Ernst (Sonepar Germany), the vice-president is Ryszard D’Antoni from the Polish electrical wholesale association SHE, the treasurer is Yves de Coorebyter from the Belgian purchasing association FEE and the technical director is Marc Habets from ETIM in the Netherlands.

Future programme: For April/May the production of a new common guide to data transmission from suppliers is planned, and in addition preparations are under way for the publication of the version ETIM 7. In addition the classification model will gradually be opened up to the HVAC sector (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). This has already happened in the Netherlands, and Sweden, with Denmark and Poland about to follow shortly.

The next annual general meeting will take place on 4th June 2015 in Lisbon,as always a day before the annual general meeting of EUEW.