EUEW Conference 2019

This year's electrical wholesale conference took place from 9.-11. May in Brussels. Hans Hanegreefs, the secretary of the European Association, and his team, have once again set up a good and engaging program.

For the past 18 years, EMR has always been present at the various European meetings, partly as a speaker, which is why we want to take a critical look at the association's meeting, wondering if an international conference of such an important branch of Industry still meets the expectations for the future.

The lectures of e.g. Ian Heller and, in particular, the lecture on China by Pascal Coppens have stood out in particular. Unfortunately, many native speakers (as lecturers) forget too often that for most people attending an international conference English / American is a foreign language, either they speak too fast or too complicated. For most listeners, their knowledge is sufficient for small talk, but not for a corresponding qualified lecture; therefore, it would be desirable for the presenter to adapt his speech accordingly. Years ago, this was more taken into account and the lectures were translated simultaneously, but unfortunately this has been discontinued.

The invitation to the conference was followed by 258 people, of which 139 were manufacturers, 100 electrical wholesalers (from associations or wholesale groups or independent companies) and 19 others.

Already these figures show that more manufacturers were at the wholesale conference than wholesalers themselves. In Europe there are about 2,800 electrical wholesalers with a total of approx. more than 12,000 branches and one may ask why it is that the majority of wholesalers did not participate at the Annual meeting of their own association: was it because of  the program, or was it because  of  the cost of the conference ( with flight, accommodation, participation fees, etc. you have to pay at least 1.300, - EUR altogether!!),or was it simply because the majority of national wholesalers knew nothing of the European conference of their association.

For years, the conference has followed the same pattern and perhaps the organizers of the European electrical wholesale association would have to scrutinize the different points in order to become more attractive and come up with better solutions and procedures in order to reach a greater acceptance in the future. The European electrical wholesaler would deserve it.