Fagerhult with a positive degree

Fagerhult, the lighting manufacturer headquartered in Habo, Sweden, posted net sales in 2016 .........

of 4,490.7 million SEK (EUR 474.2 million), 10.3% more than in the previous year, after taking into account price effects and acquisitions.

The operating result amounted to SEK 524.2 million (EUR 55.4 million) EUR 32.4%.

Sales in 2016 were distributed regionally as follows: Northern Europe EUR 214.3 million, UK and Northern Ireland EUR 126.3 million, Rest of Europe EUR 110.3 million, Africa, Asia and Pacific EUR 68.9 million.

Sales per product group were: Indoor Lighting EUR 314.6 million, Retail trade; ft (Retail Lighting) EUR 118.8 million, outdoor lighting EUR 40.9 million.

Fagerhult could generate 100% of its sales in the short to medium term; In 2016, the LED share was already 77% (in the last quarter of 2016 even more than 83%). Overall, an average of 2,700 people are being hired.