Famo and Zander Group about to amalgamate?

The German Federal Cartel Office announced on 19th November that the two above-named companies have asked.........

for approval to found a joint venture. The process will be conducted under the number B7-143/15.

This will now be examined in an ongoing merger control procedure; the authority now has a period of one month to scrutinize the merger (so-called "first phase").

If the merger plan proves itself to be unproblematic, the decision-making department will informally approve the merger before the expiry of the one month time limit.

If on the other hand the decision-making department considers further scrutiny necessary, a formal main examination procedure will be initiated (so-called "second phase") and the time limit for the examination extended.

The two companies which comprise the Mitegro market association are absolute heavyweights in the electrical wholesale trade; Famo has 32 branches and Zander has 58 subsidiaries.