Franck Bruel no longer at Sonepar

Bruel came from Saint Gobain/Point P to Sonepar at the beginning of October 2010, having succeeded ..............

Frank H. Lakerveld, who wanted to retire. However, today the situation is that Lakerveld  is still president of the strategy commission and also still has a seat and voting rights on the company’s advisory board (very unusual).

At the beginning of 2011 F. Bruel was appointed COO and managing director of Sonepar, thus becoming the top boss at Sonepar alongside Marie-Christine Coisne, the owner,  and François Poncet, the financial director.

It is now over 3 weeks since Bruel was dismissed and probably only very few people know why. This does not reflect particularly well on Sonepar, esepcially as Bruel had a very good reputation with suppliers and the public.