GE seeks new headquarters

Jeff Immelt, the president of General Electric, said at an event in Stamford/CT that the conglomerate GE.......

is always going to have a strong presence in the federal state of Connecticut, but also confirmed that the search is on for a site for a new headquarter.

The company not only has its headquarters in Fairfield but also other branches in Bloomfield, Norwalk, Plainville, Stamford and Windsor.

The firm has criticized tax increases which came into force this year. Some of these taxes were retracted and as the press now reports, the state budget which was passed in June contains millions of dollars of tax relief for GE if GE accepts.

Immelt said that GE doesn’t want any special treatment but left it open whether he is going to stay in Connecticut. GE said that a decision will be made on this question by the end of the year.