German exports up again

After the drop at the beginning of the year German exporters delivered more goods all over the world again in February, with exports climbing by 3.9% in comparison with the same month last year to EUR 95.7 bn, as reported by the Federal Statistics Office in Wiesbaden.

Imports rose less quickly by 0.8% to EUR 76.5 bn. Experts anticipate that German exporters are also heading for a record year again in 2015 due to the weak euro, with the foreign trade association BGA predicting a 4.5% increase in exports for this year.

In February exporters delivered considerably more goods “made in Germany” to countries outside the Eurozone in particular.

Exports to EU countries which like England and Poland do not belong to the eurozone climbed by 6.4% in February in the annual comparison to EUR 20.9 bn.

There was a slightly weaker, but also positive development in trade with partner countries in the eurozone, where exports rose by 1.7% to EUR 35.6 bn.