Great potential for switch market

A current market report (switchgear market by types and applications – global trends and forecasts until 2019) from MarketsandMarkets from the USA expects the global switch market to grow.......

from 2014 to 2019 by an average 12.83% per year – from a current estimated USD 74.77 bn (EUR 63.31 bn) to a volume of USD 136.71 bn (EUR 115.75 bn) in 2019.

In the survey the Asia/Pacific region is named as the largest market, with technical progress and growing energy requirements being the main sales driver in this market segment.

Utilities are identified as the largest sales customer market, since the global growth of supply and distributor networks also necessitates more and more substations, for which in turn switching materials are needed.

Leading players in this industry include ABB (Switzerland), Eaton Corporation (Ireland), GE (USA), Schneider Electric (France), Siemens (Germany) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan).