IDEE on an expansion course

The international marketing company IDEE has taken another step in the direction of expanding the country community with a new partner in Turkey. With the prestigious Kirac Group IDEE has strengthened its position with a partner that has a good reputation in Turkey, both in electrical wholesaling, construction of industrial plants, hospitals, sports facilities with its own installation company and in the production of cabletrays and automation. In addition, Kirac is active in Qatar with its galvanized cabletrays.
It is the Kirac Group, which started in 1982 with the founding of Emek Electrical, later renamed Kirac Electrical. Kirac Electrical is today one of the largest wholesalers in Turkey. In 2002, an installation company and a metal manufacturer named Kirac Metal were added. With Pioneer Metal they  began to expand its activities in the Arab world.
The company is managed by Feyzi Kıraç (66) and his sons Emre (38) and Can (34).
It is interesting that the average age of employees in Kirac is 35 years and that 45% of the employees are women.