IMARK merges

Imark merges with two of the most well-known plumbing and heating marketing groups in North America on January 1, 2019.

These are Omni Corporate Services of Aurora, Ohio and Equity Plumbing of Lake Mary, Florida. The new name of the extended organization will be: IMARK with the addition Electrical or Plumbing.

John Aykroyd, the current president of Omni Corp. will be the new president of IMARK Plumbing; Matt Roos of Equity becomes vice president of IMARK Plumbing and IMARK Electrical. Robert P. (Bob) Smith will become President (CEO) of the expanded IMARK Group.

IMARK has been a member of the IMELCO marketing organization for several years, and as we reported on June 20, Bob Smith was also elected as the new Chairman of the Imelco Group at their Annual General Meeting. He replaced Simon Barkes from the UK.