Johan Nilsson is new chairman of the Ahlsell Group

In addition Nilsson will still retain his present position as person responsible for Ahlsell’s activities in Sweden, the Baltic States and Russia until further notice.

For years Nilsson had been CEO of  Ahlsell Sweden, the group’s largest business field, where he had made an essential contribution to the positive development there.

This has now made him the obvious successor as chairman to Göran Näsholm, who is retiring after 17 years in this position.

Ahlsell, one of the leading technical companies in Scandinavia, made a consolidated turnover of EUR 2.34 bn (2013 EUR 2.19 bn) in the 2014 business year, employing a total of approx. 4,800 people. Ahlsell is a member of the international marketing association IMELCO.