Legrand again a very good 1st quarter

In contrast to the same period of the previous year, Legrand was able to increase its sales in the first quarter of 2019 by 7.3% from 1,445.2 m EUR to 1,550 m EUR.

EBITDA increased by 9.2% from 324.6 m EUR to 354.4 m EUR and net income by 8.6% from 175.3 m EUR to 190.4 m EUR.

The distribution of sales was as follows: 42.1% was made in Europe, 36.6% in Central and North America, and 21.3% in the rest of the world.

Europe continued to grow (+ 2.3%) led by Italy, followed by Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK. Sales declined in France, Spain and the Netherlands. In Europe's new markets, sales increased by 5.7%, with Russia, Turkey, Hungary and the Czech Republic standing out above all.