Legrand confirms annual forecast

In the first half-year 2016 Legrand achieved a turnover of EUR 2,448.4 m, which means an increase of 1.5%.

Gross profits amounted to EUR 1,305.6 m and the operating result was EUR 470.8 m, an increase of 3.1%.

Turnover in France totalled EUR 457.4 m (-2.0%), in Italy EUR 270.7 m (+6.0%), in the rest of Europe EUR 426.7 m (+3.4%), in North and Central America it was EUR 647.2 m (+11.4%) and in the rest of the world EUR 619.4 m (-7.8%).

Since the beginning of the year Legrand has managed to conclude 7 acquisitions with a total additional annual turnover of almost EUR 160 m; for the year as a whole the target here is an additional 4% of total turnover.