Legrand happy with the past 9 months

Legrand generated sales of EUR 4,437.4 m in the first nine months of this year, an increase of 11.3% ..........

over the previous year. The operating result increased by 10% and the net profit even by 21.1% to EUR 574.5 m.

Compared to the same period of the previous year, sales in France only rose by 0.1%, in Italy 5.7% and in the rest of Europe 10.4%.

Sales in North and Central America increased by 4.1% and in the rest of the world by 4.7%.

So a very good result that was essentially influenced by two factors. Legrand has been successful with new product launches in various countries, and through takeovers since the beginning of the year, it has further consolidated its position in the world markets. (We reported on the acquisitions made in 2018 on electro-insider on August 4th).