Leoni builds “factory of the future”

Leoni, a supplier of cables and cable systems for the automobile sector and other industries, has bought a property on the industrial estate in Roth near Nuremberg.

Since its tradition-steeped manufacturing location in the centre of Roth did not allow for any further possibilities of development, it was decided to build anew at the edge of the town, thus creating additional production capacities, as well as more efficient processes and modern workplaces.

On the 134,000 m² new property there will rise Europe’s most modern cable works, with buildings covering a total area of 48,000 m². At the same time this “factory of the future” will not only provide a state-of-the-art production facility, but also a competence and service centre for the whole Wire & Cable Solutions division. A laboratory and development centre as well as an apprenticeship and in-service training centre are also planned.

Building is envisaged to begin in mid-2016, whereupon from early 2018 ongoing production could then be transferred step by step to the new works. The complete move into the “factory of the future” is planned for early 2019.