Light Communication Alliance (LCA)

Global leaders in the communications, lighting and appliance industries have formed the Light- Communications-Alliance (LCA) to promote new wireless technologies in light communications.

Light communication compliment and enhances wireless 5G communication and other high-frequency technologies such as Wi-Fi. By using the larger available spectrum, light can be used to transport larger amounts of data faster and with greater security.

The LCA is an open, nonprofit association of members committed to promoting light communication technology with a consistent approach.

The LCA founding members are Nokia, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du), LEDVANCE, Liberty Global, Lucibel, Orange, pureLiFi, the LiFi Research and Development Center, Velmenni, Zero.1, CEA Leti and the Mines-Télécom Institute.

Light communication technologies include Light Fidelity (LiFi) and Optical Camera Communications (OCC), which have received increasing attention in recent years in various industries such as smart cities and homes, Industry 4.0, retail and tourism.

“Global Market Insights” forecasts that the LiFi market will reach 75 bn USD by 2025 (67 bn EUR).