Lowe's wants to better take advantage of US tax reform

Lowe's, the second-largest home improvement retailer in the US after Home Depot, achieved sales of USD 68.6 bn (EUR 55.8 bn) in 2017/2018 (end of February 2018).....

against USD 65.0 bn (EUR 52.9 bn) the year before. This represents an increase of 5.5%. Net income was USD 3.4 bn (EUR 2.8 bn), up 12.9%.

Lowe’s operates 2,152 stores in Canada, Mexico and the US, employing over 310,000 people.

Like Home Depot, Lowe's benefited from the construction boom in the United States, and Robert A. Niblock, President and CEO, was pleased with the outcome.

With the rapidly evolving competition, they want to accelerate their strategic investments in 2018 by making better use of the benefits of the tax reform.