Market leaders in electrical wholesaling

Spain excels in the electrical wholesaling by the fact that there are a large number of purchasing -/ marketing associations, of course the international organizations such as Fegime, Gewa, Idee and Imelco, have their partners in Spain.

The market leader is Sonepar Ibérica with 8 companies and round about 130 branches, the largest of which is Guerin, followed by Dielectro and Hispanofil. (Sonepar’s turnover is approx. EUR 430 m).

Number 2 is Imelco with its 2 strong organizations, Electroclub and Grudilec; together about 60 companies and over 300 branches.

Right behind is FEGIME España with its heavyweights like Berdin and Coeva or Electrofil. Also, the Bongrup now belongs to Fegime (Bongrup was founded in 2006, which is less active in the electrical sector, but rather in the sanitary area).

For completeness only: Gewa is involved with the Nou Grup and Idee with the Elektra group

ABM Rexel was renamed in Rexel Spain S.L. in February 2019. Its 47 branches and 4 logistics centers in Barcelona, ​​Granada, Madrid and Renteria generate sales of around EUR 185 m.