Market leaders in electrical wholesaling Part 1

Who are the market leaders in the wholesale trade in the European countries. According to our research  we came to the following result:

Austria: At No. 1  is Rexel is with its subsidiaries Regro and Schäcke, the No. 2 is Sonepar with its subsidiaries GFI and Hagemeyer and at No. 3 comes IMELCO with its members Limmert, Hausberger, Stara, TEG and Zöscher.

Belgium: No.1 is clearly Sonepar with Cebeo, Cheyns and Claessen. No. 2 is Rexel and No. 3 is Trilec (formerly known as Lampencentrale).

Switzerland: No. 1 is Rexel with  EM Elektro-Material, then comes IDEE with its member Otto Fischer, and almost equal is  Sonepar with Electroplast, Elektro-Lan, Fabbri and Winterhalter + Fenner.

Czech Republic: No. 1 is clearly IDEE with Dabok, Elektrocentrum, Elkas, Elex Mayer, Jakub and Kamat (all 6 companies belong to Jakub). Behind is Sonepar with Elektram and VAP Bransouze then comes WÜRTH with Elfetex.
We will continue this series, because we think it is important to know who are the most important players in the respective countries.