Market leaders in electrical wholesaling Part 2

For our new electrical wholesaler survey, we have held many discussions and studied documents and below we give you our assessment of the market:

In Germany, the market leader is Sonepar (turnover approx.  2.8 bn EUR), followed by Mitegro with its heavyweights such as Famo, Gautzsch and Zander to name just a few.  No. 3 is Fegime with the EGU, Hillmann & Ploog, Schmidt Group, again only a few from the large number of good middle-sized electrical wholesalers.

In Denmark, Solar A / S is number 1, followed by Lemvigh-Müller (part of the Idee- marketing group), at No. 3 is A & O Johansen (part of Fegime since 1.1.2018).

In Estonia, a small country with approx. 90 m EUR turnover, Sonepar  is No. 1 followed by Onninen and Würth with Talger and W.E.G.

This series will be continued to show who the most important players in the respective countries are, and in our newsletter we repeatedly bring detailed reports on the individual countries and wholesalers; therefore, sign up for our free newsletter to not miss any news.

For a full summary of the 25 European countries with the respective wholesalers and group members, see our new 2019-European survey.