Missing professionals

Klein has found an interesting article that we would like to share with you.

Klein Tools is an American company with German roots Family-owned since 1857, and based in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Klein manufactures high quality tools, test equipment, gauges and safety equipment for professional users.

In its annual report on the industry & bdquo; State of the industry “ Klein has dealt with the subject of emigrating qualified electricians. A survey of more than 600 electricians (40% union members, 60% non-unionized) found that electricians are worried about the skills gap in the electrical industry and more and more experienced workers are leaving the industry. Many electricians argue that physical stress and inadequate training opportunities exist for this step. The research shows that 56% of electricians have noticed (in 2015 it was 44%) that more and more electrician colleagues have left in recent years.

If you want to read the original article ; go to www.kleintools.com/2017survey2