Osram in the middle of a bidding war?

In our electro-insider on July 9, we reported that Osram is going to be sold, whereupon a bidder consortium from Bain Capital and the Carlyle Group wanted to completely take over Osram and offered 35 EUR per share in cash.

Now, the Austrian semiconductor group AMS from Premstetten has submitted an offer for  38.50 EUR per share, which would be about 300 m EUR more than from the financial consortium.

However, the committee headed by the Osram CEO, Olaf Berlien, supports the offer of the two financial investors, who have founded a holding called Luz (C-BC) Bidco GmbH specifically for this takeover.

If Luz Bidco gets the contract, it is, amongst other things, the goal of taking Osram from the stock market.