Osram: LEDVANCE the new name of the lamp business

The supervisory board of OSRAM Licht AG voted in favor of the outsourcing of the division in June 2015, and now the name of the new firm has been fixed.

For the newly-formed company a combination of the terms LED and ADVANCE has been decided on, so that the new firm is now called LEDVANCE. “The name reflects both the LED trend in the lighting market and the chances resulting from it,” stated Olaf Berlien, the chairman of Osram Licht AG.

LEDVANCE will be led by Jes Munk Hansen (47), who has already been at the helm of the lamps business for one year. Oliver Neubrand (45) will be responsible for finance, Erol Kirilmaz (43) for sales and marketing, Peter Mannhart (56) for operations, and Ms. Bettina Kahr-Geleng (45) for human resources.

The schedule for the formal carve-out of LEDVANCE remains unchanged: The organizational separation of the lamps business is to be completed as of 1. April 2016, while the legal separation is planned for 1. July 2016.