Osram satisfied with 1st quarter

On a comparable basis - that is, adjusted for portfolio and currency effects - in the business year begun in October Osram’s turnover stood slightly above that of the comparable period of the prior year with a growth rate of 0.5%.

Nominally the turnover rose by as much as 5%, from EUR 1,326 m to EUR 1,393 m. The increase is mainly the result of the weaker euro and the acquisition of Clay Paky.

The EBITA, adjusted for special effects, rose by 23% in the 1st quarter to EUR 151 m, with positive effects from the transformation programme, productivity increases and the continuing positive trend in the optical semi-conductor division making themselves felt again.

In contrast, Osram recorded a nominal loss in EBITA of EUR 41 m, including EUR 184 m in transformation costs, which are particularly related to the personnel adjustments in Germany already announced.

The post-tax loss for the quarter stood at EUR 39 m. In view of the trends in the 1st quarter Osram has confirmed its forecast for the 2015 business year.