Personnel change at Hagemeyer Germany

There are quite a few personnel changes at Hagemeyer in Germany. Scarcely is the CEO there when he is already gone again, so that it is difficult to keep an overview. This is why we are giving a short summary today:

In the year 2015 the board of directors was changed completely. A newcomer in March was Stefan Macheleidt as finance director, and he went in mid-June 2017. Matthias Lorz came in Sept. 2015 as head of sales and marketing, and he went in February 2017. In July 2015 Dr.Carsten Suckrow came to Hagemeyer as chairman of the board, and he went at the end of 2016. Dr. Suckrow was succeeded as CEO by Stephan Strauss on 9th January.

On 1st June this year Tabea Götz came as director of the logistics and supply chain management sectors along with purchasing and transport, after periods at Grainger and the Würth Group. But according to information from Markt intern this is also already history. Ms Götz will shortly leave the firm at her own request.

It makes you ask yourself: What’s up at Hagemeyer then?