Philips applies for most patents in Europe

In 2014 Philips was the second-largest global patent applicant at the European patents office, and it is the number 1 in Europe.

At a global level Samsung is the only company to apply for more patents, with Siemens lying in third place, followed by LG from Korea and Huawei from China.

Philips filed 2,317 patent applications in the year 2014, 26% more than in the prior year 2013, when the company was still lying in third position in the annual ranking.

Currently Philips’ portfolio consists of 71,000 patents, 47,000 trademarks, 92,000 design rights and 4,900 domain names.

Impressive though these figures are, it is not so much the quantity as the quality and value of the portfolio which is of significance to Philips.

The demand for patent protection in Europe has been growing steadily, and Europe continues to strengthen its role as the global focus for technology and innovation for a growing number of companies from all over the world.