Product training or...?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become indispensable today; just think about trade fairs, training courses, presentations, etc.

But it is precisely in this area that manufacturers have to work closely with wholesalers and their customers, in order to be still competitive in the future. Cooperation is also necessary to build trust and thus benefit from each other's knowledge. Dealers can provide valuable information about market developments if they are involved in a project at an early stage and can also protect manufacturers from serious misunderstandings in individual cases.

Since training courses for new products and systems are often very complex and therefore very expensive, they must be planned and carried out accordingly; again best in cooperation. As a rule, such training courses are held at the manufacturer's premises or in one of its branch offices, which are located in the respective economic strongholds.

However, the emphasis should always be on training the entire system, not just the individual products.