Rexel announced two investments and is getting more involved in e-mobility

Rexel has acquired a minority stake of 25% in Trace Software International, a company specializing in the design and calculation of non-residential buildings, and 100% in Freshmile Services, an independent operator of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Trace Software International:

Rexel  has acquired a minority stake of 25% in Trace Software International, a French company founded in 1990 that specializes in software for non-residential buildings and industries such as energy. This minority stake goes along with a commercial partnership to accelerate the Rexel sales force's transition to selling more software and recurring services. With this investment, Rexel is strengthening its offering for non-residential buildings and completes its offering of residential buildings.

Freshmile Services:

Freshmile Services was founded in 2016 and is one of the leading providers of charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe. The company manages more than 8,000 charging points and offers services to more than 50,000 EV-drivers who can access 100,000 charging points in roaming. The company operates in France with 25 employees and generates income through an efficient subscription fee model.

The acquisition of Freshmile offers Rexel improved development opportunities in the rapidly growing e-mobility business. With this acquisition, Rexel is developing into a service provider for the remote management of objects in the field of energy efficiency. In addition, Rexel can continue to leverage its range of e-mobility solutions, including EV charging stations, and now offers an end-to-end solution for this attractive business, including training, financing and subsidizing. Rexel also wants to use its global network to develop and expand the business internationally.