Rexel: Despite the minus in 2020, optimism for 2021

Rexel achieved sales of EUR 3,389 million in the 4th quarter of 2020; this is 3.7% less than 12 months earlier.

In Europe, quarterly sales were EUR 1,958.2 million, up 3.4%. As always, France was at the top with EUR 768.9 million, Scandinavia with EUR 265.0 million, Germany EUR 181.8 million, UK with EUR 155.4 million, other countries EUR  587.1 million.

In North America it was EUR 1,105.3 million and in the Asia-Pacific region EUR 325.5 million.

In the whole of 2020, sales were EUR 12,592.5 million, minus 8.4% compared to the previous year. The net result was a minus of EUR 261.3 million.

Despite the restrictions in many countries, sales growth of 5-7% is expected for 2021.