Rexel in Europe in 1st quarter 2016

As already reported, Rexel realized a turnover of EUR 3,160.6 m in the whole 1st quarter 2016 worldwide, EUR 1795.1 m of this total (up 0.3%) in Europe.

Of these EUR 1,795.1 m, EUR 643.5 m (plus 2.5%) was generated in France, EUR 259.4 m (minus 1.1%) in the United Kingdom, EUR 189.2 m (minus 3%) in Germany, EUR 210.7 m (minus 0.1%) in Scandinavia (within Scandinavia: Sweden +3.6%, Norway +0.2%, Finland -9.1%).

In Switzerland the turnover fell by 6%, in Belgium by 0.9% and in Spain by 0.7%. There were increases in turnover compared to last year in Austria by 5.9%, in Italy by 3.4% and in the Netherlands by 7.1%.