Rexel in the 3rd quarter and in the 9 months 2018

Rexel posted sales of EUR 3,313.0 m in the third quarter; this is an increase of 3.8% compared to the previous year, ..............

but with different characteristics in the different countries.

In Europe, sales were EUR 1,766.8 m (+ 1.6%), with France up 2.5% to EUR 629.3 m and the UK down 2.9% to EUR 204.5 m, in Germany turnover went down by a hefty 10.9% to EUR 193 m.

North America reached EUR 1,239.9 m, an increase of 7.3%; in the Asia / Pacific region it was EUR 306.4 m (+ 3.3%).

In the 9 months, Rexel reached EUR 9,868.8 m worldwide, down 0.3%.

55% (EUR 5,447.8 m) are made in Europe, of which EUR 1,992.8 m in France, EUR 614,8 m in the UK and EUR 597,3 m in Germany.

A total of 27,046 people were employed, with EBITA amounting to EUR 435 m, an increase of 5.1%.