Rexel presents results for the year 2014

Rexel was able to raise its corporate turnover by 1.1% in 2014 in comparison with the prior year from EUR 12,934.7 m to EUR 13,081.2 m.

Europe contributed EUR 7,145.2 m (+0.7%) to this figure, which means that about 55% of corporate turnover was generated in Europe. France: EUR 2,376.4 m (-2% against 2013), United Kingdom: EUR 1,005.2 m (+0.6%), Germany: EUR 803.2 m (-0.1%), Scandinavia: EUR 906.5 m (+6.8%).

North America managed an increase of 2.9%, and 34%, or EUR 4,477.9 m, of corporate turnover was generated here in the year 2104, of which EUR 3,315.4 m (+3.2%) came from the United States and EUR 11,162.5 m (+1.8%) from Canada.

The Asia-pacific region declined by 1.2% (EUR 1,200.9 m = 9% of corporate turnover): China: EUR 383.4 m (+3.2%), Australia: EUR 532.3 (-6.0%), New Zealand: EUR 120.4 m (-4.6%).

In Latin America turnover amounted to EUR 256.8 m (-3.8% / 2% of corporate turnover), in Brazil EUR 148.5 m (-7.6%) was made, in Chile EUR 81.3 m (-2.2%).

Net profits are reported at EUR 200.0 m (a drop of 5.2% compared to 2013). Net liabilities amounted to EUR 2,213.1 m in 2014 and have remained practically the same in comparison with the prior year.

Overall the result is generally speaking in accordance with expectations. Nevertheless it has to be made very clear that Rexel has lost further ground to its great competitor Sonepar.